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The Disciplines


Welham has been an active participant and position holder at the All-India Inter Public School Athletic Meet held in different parts of the country. Athletes also participate in the District and State Athletics, some going up to the National level.

Coach: Mr Sushil Kumar Sharma


Aerobics is enjoyed both by senior and junior girls during early morning P.T. time as well as evening games. The displays during Inter House Competitions and Annual Sports Meet are a popular and colourful attraction.

Coach: Ms. Tenzin Pema


Basketball is a major area of strength. Every year over forty girls in all age categories represent Dehradun District, as well as Uttarakhand State at the National level.

Coach: Mr. Vinod Vachani


Hockey has had a special place at Welham Girls' School from its inception. Girls have attained a high level in the game and participate in Inter Public School tournaments.

Coach: Mr. Jagbir Singh


Karate is taught to all students of Classes VI to VIII and is continued as an option by those who are interested in pursuing this discipline. Each year many girls reach the brown belt and black belt level. Students go on to represent Dehradun District as well as Uttarakhand State at the National Level.

Coach: Ms. Shefali Singh

Lawn Tennis

Lawn Tennis is a popular game in school. Girls play regularly in inter-school tournaments.

Coach: Mr. Ashok Bhandari

Table Tennis

Table Tennis has pride of place as a game played by many girls in School. Girls have won laurels at the District, State and National level.

Coach: Ms. Parvati Baluni


In pursuance of its aim to inculcate Indian values in its students, the School lays great emphasis on yoga.

Guru: Ms. Sonia Bawa & Ms. Anchal Sondhi