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The Welham Spirit


The School Motto, so carefully chosen by Miss Linnell, embodies the essence of the Welham Spirit: Aartta Shanti Phala Vidya - The Fulfilment of Education Is to Bring Peace to the Suffering. While inculcating the best of Indian culture and tradition in its students, the School aims at developing in them a sense of discipline and a spirit of service and fair play.

A Secular Space

The school brings together girls from varied backgrounds and socially diverse groups and instils in them a belief so strong that they learn to appreciate this diversity and become appreciative of one another.

An Equal Air

We celebrate not our riches or the number of campuses we have across the country, but the inherent spirit of a school that has imbued its students with a love for independent thinking and right action. Welhamites have the ability to walk down paths that many others may fear to tread, with the confidence to take initiative and to carry others along.